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The Cody Foster & Co. Story

I learned craft-making from my grandmother Isa Foster, a loving yet no-
nonsense Midwestern woman with the spirit of a pioneer. Starting with holiday
ornaments—and with the support of my mom as my business partner—I started
our company while still in high school. One thing led to another, and before we
knew it we were wholesaling to retailers around the U.S. and in several foreign

Cody Foster & Co. has grown and prospered over the years but we remain a
small, family-run business and retain our small-town roots. We’re located in
Valentine, a rustic “frontier” town in the picturesque Sand Hills region of north-
central Nebraska. We’re proud of our little town (population 2,820)—and have
reason to be: thanks to its wide-open spaces, big sky, rolling grasslands,
tranquil lakes and secluded waterfalls, Valentine was voted one of the country’s
top ten wilderness locations by National Geographic’s “Adventure” magazine in

While we got our start in holiday ornaments, we now produce many lines and
collections of home décor items. When designing, I draw inspiration from many
sources but especially from offbeat vintage pieces and unconventional antiques.
Almost all our items are handmade, using honest materials and finishes. Our
products are meant to be joyful additions to the home that over time become
family collectibles that are passed down to the next generation. I hope you’ll
enjoy owning them as much as I enjoy creating them.